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Behind the scenes: Music video shoot with Divenire

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Here at Prickly Peach, we love music video production (if you didn't already know!). And back in March 2019, we produced a music video for indie rock band Divenire, combining elements of both performance and narrative. Here's some behind the scenes of the production.

Watch Divenire's 'Knock a Door Run' music video here.

The plot

The music video begins with an argument between a boy and a girl after a night spent together. The girl tries to leave discretely in the night but regrettably wakes the boy. The music video follows the relentless chase of the girl through the same door, leading to an array of different places.

The narrative explores the complicated relationship between two people when true feelings are unrequited. The boy is willing to fuel the girl's desire for the 'thrill of the chase', and she barely looks back.

Eventually, the video ends when they've gone full circle: they're back at the bedroom door.

The girl attempts to entice the boy back into the bedroom, but this time the boy has had enough. He puts an end to her emotional game-playing, slamming the door shut and kicking it down. Enough is enough - he may be alone, but he's much better off without her.

The band performance

Rather than having a studio-based performance, we wanted to integrate it into the narrative.

We thought this gave a nod towards how your friends sometimes have to watch you go through these tough situations, even when you might not want to listen to them, they're hanging on in there with you for the ride. And it also made for some creative lighting setups and shooting locations.

We added a 'two-dimensional' element to the video, as the male actor is also the drummer of Divenire. This gave us a chance to experiment with transitions and have two layers of reality playing out simultaneously.

The door

So, we had to buy a door... (we definitely didn't look strange that day driving around).

Luckily we know a guy who does a lot of our set construction who created a frame that allowed the door to open on its hinges and be stoop up in different locations - that is until the end scene where we let the Divenire lads go ham on the door stands, ripping them off to get the side shot of the door falling down (sorry Jason, your door construction efforts were appreciated while they lasted). We towed a trailer to transport the door from location to location. It worked well! Regardless of the odd looks from passerbyers...

The Ronin S is our saviour

The one piece of kit we couldn't have done without on this shoot was the Ronin S. In fact, we had two on the go for this shoot so that we could have a 24mm and a 50mm on the go at the same time. It was super efficient and allowed the shoot to run as smooth as butter. You can read more about our thoughts on the Ronin S here.

The final verdict...

We were honestly so happy with the final product. It was one of those shoots that we'll look back on for years to come.

It was one of our favourite productions so far and we were super glad when we found out that the guys at Divenire felt the same...

The quality, cinematography, and editing of the video were well above our expectations. We couldn’t pick any flaws in it, and knowing the effort that went into creating the video made us all feel really proud of what we’d accomplished. - Divenire, band members

Divenire band members and actress Maddie Marsh on set.

So that's it!

We hope you enjoyed your sneak peek behind the scenes. Remember to check out Divenire on all major platforms and don't hesitate to get in touch if you're looking for a music video to showcase your next upcoming track.


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