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We shot our first ever wedding film and this is how it went

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Chris & Steph - Photo by Prickly Peach Films

A quick 'disclaimer'

We don’t typically offer wedding films as a service of Prickly Peach Films, however as a one-off for a special family friend, we made an exception.

Although we do shoot live events such as festivals and corporate events, our experience in wedding filmmaking is rather limited (apart from Lauren having shot a couple of weddings years ago pre-Prickly Peach times). BUT, we know how to shoot and we know how to edit (hopefully that doesn't come as surprise, haha). So, when approached by Steph & Chris, we thought we'd give it a go.

Something borrowed, something blue - Photo by Prickly Peach Films

Trying something new

On our day-to-day shoots, we tend to be working on productions with a controlled set. Productions you’re able to ‘go for another take’ with, if you will. So, the initial thought of having one shot to get the shot was kind of nerve-racking, and honestly, hats off to every wedding filmmaker out that does it on the daily.

The big day

Fast forward to the wedding day and it was nothing short of a dream. We honestly had a brilliant time capturing it. Above the usual enjoyment of filmmaking, one of the best things about the day was no doubt witnessing a very natural and special connection between two very deserving people. It was safe to say we couldn't wait to get it into the edit.

In summary

Everyone knows the key to a great film is the emotion, regardless of which one it may be; happiness, sadness, excitement. That being said, cinematic shots and heart-warming music aside, what definitely made this film was the whole lot of love that we captured.

Thank you to Steph and Chris for having us be a part of their wonderful day. We’re so thrilled to have created something they can treasure forever and we're thankful to have had the opportunity to try something different.

Who knows - maybe this could be the start of something new for us? Well, let’s not jump to any conclusions... yet. And if you’d like to watch the wedding film you can see it here.



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