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About the Peach.

A brief history of Prickly Peach Films


Our Story

Founded by two friends, Emily and Lauren, Prickly Peach Films was created in 2018. We met on our first day of university and fast-forwarding three years to 2019, both graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Advertising, Film and Music Video Production at Staffordshire University. And after completing uni, our lifelong passion for film and storytelling just wouldn’t let us separate.

In October 2020 we moved into our first office. Since then we have gone on to grow our business, become known in the local community by getting involved in local projects, and also winning East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce 'Start up of the year' award 2022.

We strive to get the voices of hardworking and talented people heard, loud, and clear. It’s really that simple - we want to show everyone what you’ve got in the best way, the way that’s most you. There’s no one who runs your business quite like you. And there’s no one who can tell your story quite like us.

Where did the name come from?

You when something just feels right? That’s the name Prickly Peach Films for us.

Our brand is an extension of us as creatives. We wanted something that felt true to us. The freedom to wiggle and adapt as the times change.

Each and every day we remind ourselves to live up to our name, no matter which one of us is being prickly or peachy...

...and what we really mean by that is:



To be distinctive, adventurous, and original.



To be welcoming, encouraging, and positive.

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