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There are many ways that video can be utilised by an organisation, and in many cases, ways they might not know about yet.


Explainer videos, FAQs, social ads, website welcome videos, site tours and much more, can save time on explaining, inform effectively and represent your organisation the way you intend.

Why should I consider video?
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Video Consultation.

Fancy half an hour exploring what video could do for your organisation?

Thought about video but don't know where to start?

Our tailored approach
Over the years we've worked with organisations in a variety of sectors from pharmaceuticals to hospitality and everything in between.
We're experienced in creating video content specific to an organisations needs. Uncovering what kind of video content will enhance and elevate a brand is the name of the game.

What to expect 

  • 30 minute consultation (in-person or over zoom)

  • Recommendations to elevate your organisation with video content

  • No obligations, just half an hour exploring opportunities for your organisation

Discover the breadth of video content we create.

Induction videos, social content, website videos, online courses, how-tos; you get the gist!

Let's make a start.

Once the form is submitted, we'll be in touch to confirm your consultation.


A virtual consultation can take place via Zoom or Google Meet. Alternatively, you're welcome to join us in-person at our Congleton office. Each business is eligible for one complimentary video consultation.

Privacy Policy

By submitting the form you consent to Prickly Peach Films collecting and storing your personal information to provide you with this service. We treat the information you provide with respect and do not disclose it to any third parties.


We've got it! We'll be in touch shortly.

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