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Behind the Scenes: 'Float' Music Video

Take a look at the behinds the scenes of our latest music video, produced for Cariss Auburn's track, 'Float'.

Watch the behind the scenes here.

We really enjoyed getting our teeth into a new music video.

'Float' is such an immersive track and we wanted to make sure the visuals were equally as so. The music video explores the elements, earth, fire and water, in an interpretive sense, combined with Cariss's performance. We delved into the idea of otherworldly, 'miniature planets'. The boxes represent a surreal place where each element thrives, and each performance set echos these 'places'.

The video was fairly post-production heavy, but the result made it well worth it.

It's always rewarding to compare the start of an edit to the polished result. Each 'box' was first an empty tank sat on a foldable table in the empty studio, until, voilà, the sets were added inside and they were brought to life. The touch of sparkles and focal softening really helped develop that '90s feel - but in its own way.

We're really chuffed with how it turned out!

You can watch the music video here.


Prickly Peach Films


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