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Behind the scenes: Music video shoot with Chris Abramovs

Back in November 2019, we produced a narrative-lead music video for Chris Abramovs' track 'Fuel to the Fire'. Here's an insight into the process and a behind the scenes glimpse.

Check out Chris Abramovs' music video 'Fuel to the Fire' here.

The concept

The music video follows the metaphorical story of a boy who ‘lives’ with his ex-girlfriend, taking care of her in the background. She never bats an eye, yet reaps the benefits of his selfless care and takes advantage without even realizing it.

It's all about the tough process people sometimes have to endure when they come to the end of a relationship. Feelings are not bound by words, so when people break up, it doesn't mean they have in their head's yet. Facing the reality of letting someone go that you once protected and cared for is tough. And knowing when enough is enough, is impeccably important for realizing your self-worth.

We wanted to explore this concept in a slightly different way, with the 'invisible man' idea. The house is like his head, he still lives in the relationship. And although he shouldn't be there anymore, he still feels the duty to take care of her.

On set: Bus stop scene

Cinematography, editing, styling, all that good stuff...

The music video is packed with crosscuts between prominent details, scene to scene.

We wanted to create this repetitive foreshadowing of developing, inevitable events.

The editing gradually gets more and more intense as the video plays out, peaking at the bridge of the track to reveal the consequences.

We wanted to keep the tone nostalgic - after all, he's living in the past.

We kept the colours desaturated and selected locations with an aged feel, injecting a modern twist with technology.

The editing emphasises the passing (or should we say wasting) of time, as their repetitive routine plays out day after day. One of our favourite shots from the video (below) is just one of the ways the video represents how days simply turn to night, leading nowhere, for those who are trapped in the past. Yet life seems to be full of excitement and thrill for everyone else living in the moment.

Sometimes you can find yourself stuck in these situations, just going round in circles, in both life and thought. But you have to break the cycle. The music video concludes with the boy leaving, but on a good note, not to stain the relationship they once had with the sad ending. He locks the door behind him, posting the keys as one last gesture. He still cares, but he knows he can't stay there anymore.

I couldn’t be happier with how the project turned out. I will 100% be working with them again and would highly recommend Prickly Peach! - Chris Abramovs, Musical Artist

And... that's a wrap!

Looking back, it was such a great shoot which we were lucky enough to spend with an array of wonderful, talented people - we can't thank the crew enough. Be sure to check out Chris Abramovs on all major platforms! Oh, and if you're looking for a music video, hit us up! We'd love to get involved.


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