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One whole year at Prickly Peach HQ!

It’s been a whole year since we took the plunge and decided to get our own office space and what a year it’s been. We’ve been asked many times what impact having our own professional space has had on the business. Here’s our answer and why.

Prickly Peach Films HQ 2020 to 2021.

In the beginning...

When we were both students, running Prickly Peach part-time from our bedrooms worked fine. Discord (kind of) got the job done when it came to screen sharing an edit. The few hours we’d spend each night working on the business didn’t seem to drag too much.

In August 2020, we finally went full-time. Suddenly, being sat at a small desk in your bedroom whilst lagging on Discord became a huge problem. 8 hours seemed like forever being trapped in the room where we also spent 8 hours sleeping. Not only was it difficult to concentrate, but also to bounce ideas around, and generally feel creative.

Riverside Mill

One day we found ourselves looking at office spaces, and that’s when Riverside caught our eye. It’s right in the middle of both our homes, our commute time is no more than 20 minutes, and it’s in such a great town.

Since moving to Riverside, things have changed so much. Prickly Peach Films is growing more than we could’ve imagined in just a year. Networking has been so significant to us with The East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce just downstairs, and a building full of great businesses. We’ve made new friends and increased our client base too.

Thinking about getting a space yourself?

Our advice to anyone thinking about getting an office space: If it's financially feasible for you - do it! Timing is everything - we say this as there were so many times we dreamed about getting an office, but wouldn't have been able to cover the costs at that moment in time. So it's important to really think about how viable a move it is for your business at its current stage.

A shared, collaborative environment is so important, especially if you’re a creative. It’s been amazing having a space where we can solely focus on our work. Somewhere you can clock out at 5pm and leave the stress of the day at the door (well, mostly).

Here's to another prosperous prickly year at Riverside Mill!


Prickly Peach Films

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