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Johnnie Walker

A curation of the range

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From the iconic Red Label, to the Blue Label, here we go on a set-dress trip through the bottles.


Like a Johnnie Walker family portrait, we bring out the personality of each bottle, through colour, texture and composition.

Glenfarclas Pagoda

Ruby and Sapphire Reserves, Silver Edition

These limited-edition Glenfarclas deserve a video no less show-stopping than themselves. Highlights and shadows were the key driver of this production; it had to feel as dramatic as the bottles look. And of course, a Koto featuring soundtrack was the perfect match for these Japanese influenced bottles.

Brora Triptych

This Brora Tripthch set is 1 of only 300 in the world (and we had the pleasure of filming them!). It features a 1972, a 1977 and a 1982 vintage bottling.

Traditional meets modern in this video, with zoom transitions and seed ramps, and the backlit whisky bottles finish it off nicely creating that warm, golden glow. This has to be a personal favourite of ours, mostly down to its impressive presentation and special additions (the crystal top-stoppers are a very nice touch).

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