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Whisky Videos.

We create unique and engaging videos that help promote and generate sales for your bottles. Our videos are tailor-made to captivate a variety of audiences and inspire them to take action. 

One video,
multiple uses

We ensure that your video is produced in the optimal aspect ratio for its desired distribution, no matter where it’s being broadcast or displayed. We understand the importance of using the right video formats and will help you identify which is best for achieving your desired results.

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Social Media Versions

We can create social media optimised video edits for reaching your online customers.

Tailored Video Packages

We understand that depending on the value of the bottle, profit margin and desired speed of the sale, different video approaches are required. With our experience in producing video content for a wide range of bottlings, we can ensure that you make the most out of video to promote your bottles.


Get a taste for our videos

Explore a collection of premium bottle videos we've created for our esteemed clients.


Post your bottles to us securely, using a courier




Video production commences in our studio 

You'll receive a download link to your videos once they are signed off

We'll work with you to arrange a courier to return your bottles

What our Clients Say

"There’s no way my business would have grown to the extent that it did in 2021 without the help of Prickly Peach Films."
"The videos instantly build rapport with customers and that is what is helping us grow successfully as businesses."

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