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We graduated... a year ago!

What?! A whole YEAR has gone by since we graduated? That's crazy, but not surprising because we've been cooking up something good! And we're more excited for the future of Prickly Peach Films than ever.

Staffordshire University Graduation July 2019 at Trentham Gardens

Anniversaries, of any special date, are sort of 'milestones' that shine a light on how your life has changed since. And we wanted to note down a few thoughts we've had about running our own business; things we've learnt and things we think are worth sharing for anyone doing, or wanting, to do the same.

Things. Take. Time.

But don't wait! When you're starting out, you've got to really work - perhaps, double time (definitely double time). And this might be a very telling time for you. You'll find out if you really want it. And if you do, you won't mind doing that 'double' time. In fact, dare we say, you might even enjoy it - because it's your thing. Give it all you've got - you really do get out what you put in.

There will be ups!

Looking back over the past year brings us so much fulfillment. We've worked with some of the most amazing businesses, organisations and individuals to show off their work to the world and had a great time doing it. From festivals to business promos and music videos, all we can say is we flippin' love our job.

...and there will be downs.

We've learnt a lot in the past year, and that's a really really good thing. It means we're progressing, moving forward. It's great to have a team you can rely on when things go a little crazy, we know that much. Learn from every negative and turn it into a positive whenever you can (there is a positive in there somewhere, we promise).

"Isn't it potentially damaging to write about how you're only one year out of university?" Well...

We may only be one year out of university, but we've been making films for much (much!) longer. Also, there's no correlation between age and skill. Remember that whenever you doubt your own ability because others fail to see your potential. Over the years of working with so many brilliant business owners, younger and older, we've seen it first hand too. We put all we have into our productions to produce the best content for our clients. Also, the proof is in the pudding - our glowing client reviews!

Remember why you're doing it and remind yourself every day.

Nothing beats feeling fulfilled. Whatever makes you feel it, chase it. And don't let anyone tell you that you won't be successful. We hope this gave you a little bit of motivation, in whatever way that may be. We're super excited for the future of Prickly Peach Films and we can't wait to see what it brings.


Prickly Peach Films


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