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Røde Wireless GO II: Our first thoughts

Audio can sometimes be a second thought when it comes to filmmaking. It's easy to get caught up in the visual side of things, when really, sound is 50% of the film.

We decided to give the Røde Wireless Go II a 'go' as a solution for shooting situations such as testimonials and other interview-like content. Here are some of our favourite features and why we'd recommend them.

Best features of Røde Wireless GO II

Audio track options

You've got the option to record two separate audio channels or merge them into one. Recording to two channels gives you flexibility in the edit to manage each mic as you like. It's especially useful when recording candid interviews as scenarios such as overlapping speech is easier to deal with too.

Ease of use

Once you've familiarised yourself with the setup, it's pretty much 'plug and play'. You can directly input into your camera for synced audio, which is great if you're a lone shooter, or record to another device like a Zoom, in our case.

Tip: For the cleanest audio, we've found turning up the sensitivity of the transmitters via the receiver and controlling the levels with your audio recording device (Zoom, camera etc.) rather than the reverse gets the best results - or you can get some pretty questionable noise. Make the receiver do the work, not the device you're recording to.

Versatile mic solutions

The transmitters themselves have built-in mics which you can attach neatly to a shirt or lapel.

However, if you're dealing with a different type of attire which makes it tricky to conceal the whole transmitter, you can plug a lavalier mic into the transmitter for a more discrete, traditional look.

The transmitters also come with attachable windshields too, which is handy.

They're pretty reliable

They have a range of up to 200 metres, line of sight, which ensures a strong and stable wireless connection in the majority of shooting situations.

Made with privacy in mind

One great thing about the transmitters is that they are mutable by the user. This means there's no de-micing people in between takes or during breaks and gives the user privacy when away from shooting.

The bottom line

Simply put, they do their job and they do it well. They're a great addition to our audio setup and make sound a not-so-stressful part of our productions.

We hope this was useful!


Prickly Peach Films


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