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How to Balance the DJI Ronin S

Once you’ve got your Ronin S assembled, now it’s time to balance it. Good news is, it's pretty easy!

1. First, start with the camera mount.

Adjust the mount backwards and forward until you find the spot where the camera is sitting flat, not falling forwards or backwards (...just in case you didn't know what flat meant).

2. Then, move onto the tilt axis.

Rotate the camera so that the lens is pointing upwards.

Adjust the tilt axis until the camera stays facing upwards on its own.

You should be able to tilt the camera at any angle and it will stay put.

You may have to go back and readjust the tripod plate after this step, that's okay.

3. Next, onto the rolls-axis.

You probably get the picture by now, adjust the roll axis left and right until the camera is balanced.

4. Finally, the pan axis.

Adjust the pan axis by sliding it forwards and backwards as usual.

We’ve seen people do this in a few different ways, but we found this the quickest way for us to test the pan axis is to tilt the ronin to one side on two of it’s tripod legs like so...

It might lean at a slightly different angle depending on the position of your tripod legs, that's no probs. Just make sure it doesn't start spinning, that means it needs some adjusting.

You should be able to hold the Ronin at quite an angle without it starting to lose balance.

5. Now, fire up the ronin by turning on the battery then the gimbal itself.

Go to the Ronin app, make sure the ronin is connected via Bluetooth and go to motor parameters. Hit auto-tune.

Perform a balance test if you want to double-check everything’s correct. If the motors are more or less silent, you should be good to go anyway.

That’s it! You’re all good to go.


Prickly Peach Films


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