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Approaching a Video Brief

Working with Ellodave Creative Agency, producing a video for their client Coventry College.

When approaching a video brief, a few key decisions can quickly establish the style from the get-go.

Still from Academy of Sport, Coventry College promo video.

A few of our first thoughts include things like:

  • Camera setup: Handheld, tripod or gimbal?

  • Piece to camera: Addressing the interviewer or the lens?

  • B-roll Frames per second capture: 25fps, 50fps, or 100fps?

But how do you know which to choose?

Here’s a breakdown of our thought process, led by the target audience being primarily school leavers, and the secondary audience, their parents. 

Camera setup:

Going with a handheld camera setup gives the audience that authentic, POV feel. The video needed to feel exciting, engaging, and make the viewer feel as though they’re ‘in amongst the action’, for a taste of what it’s like to join the college. That's why we opted for handheld. 

Piece to camera: 

15-16 year olds are more than likely watching a lot of TikTok & Reels content, where creators are usually addressing the camera straight on. So, a similar interview format felt appropriate (especially as the video will also be delivered in reel format). 


25fps (normal speed) enhances the handheld camera effect of feeling present in each scene. But the video still needed breaking up with slow motion to pick out the emotion in parts, and give the audience a chance to digest certain key messages.

Academy of Sport, Coventry College promo video.

Working with Ellodave on delivering this project for their client Coventry College has been really rewarding. We love working with agencies as they provide clear direction and strategy for their clients’ campaigns, allowing us to really get stuck in with crafting a well-considered approach to the content.

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