meet the team


Emily GIF.gif

Co-founder, Producer & Account Director


Fun fact

Was on Richard & Judy when she was little 


First-ever concert 



Most used phrase 

“We need some more Oatmilk”


Lauren - Blue.gif

Co-founder, Cam Op & Editor

Fun fact

Has a bearded dragon called Wilson


First-ever concert 



Most used phrase 

“It's just rendering out”

Things we like

✓ Oatmilk

✓ Premiere (when it works)

✓ People watching out the office window

✓ Opening packages 

✓ Morrisons meal deals

Things we don’t like

 Running out of Oatmilk 

Premiere (when it doesn't work)

Being called “the girls” (not cool)

Dead batteries 

A messy office